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Pediatric Dentistry

Routine dental checkups should begin as early as possible. Kids seem to grow so fast. Children’s smile’s also develop fairly quick. This is why it is vital that a dentist monitors your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth develops. Our Lincoln Hills Dentists recommend your child have their first dental visit no later than his or her first birthday. We hold a high importance on your child feeling comfortable and at ease while visiting our Lincoln Hills practice. You can relax knowing our dental team is very patient and caring with our kid patients.

Having your child visit the dentist regularly also allows you to get one on one expert advice on how to maintain your child’s oral hygiene and health at home.Tips such as brushing infants gums at an early age can help maintain a healthy clean mouth. This also helps encourage your child to maintain oral hygiene as they grow and minimizes the chances of developing any dental related fears over time.
What To Expect During The First Visit
At Lincoln Hills Family Dental we do all we can to create an environment where your child can feel safe and comfortable during their first visit. Our Lincoln Hills Dentist believe this is a vital key to helping him/her develop a healthy attitude towards dentistry. As a result, children are more motivated to maintain strong oral hygiene habits.

Does Your Child Have A Fear Of The Dentist?
Our dental team guides your child through the process of their visit and enjoys educating them on the dental tools being used during their visit. However, there are few cases where no matter our tactics, some children still fear the dentist. This fear is known as dentophobia. Experiencing just one bad visit can be enough to develop a phobia of dentist. This fear comes more from the sense of having lack of control while in the dental chair. Many do not fear the idea of possible pain since modern dental technologies minimize pain in most procedures.

Should you know of your child’s fears towards dentists, or if you have any concerns about their first dental visit, please vocalize these fears to your dentist. This will allow our Lincoln Hills Dentist to accommodate you accordingly.

Dental Anesthesia
In certain cases and procedures, we like to implement the use of nitrous oxide, known to most as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide works as a sedative agent once it makes contact with oxygen. Use of nitrous oxide is very safe and effective when used by our professionally trained Lincoln Hills Dentist. This gas has been proven to help nervous patients relax through a variety of dental procedures.

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