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Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontic treatments can be a great confident booster and in some cases can even restore bite function to a misaligned smile. Orthodontic treatments are commonly utilized to correct the alignment of crooked or mispositioned teeth. These treatments are designed to help you obtain the gorgeous smile you have always desired. Let your smile match how you feel on the inside.

Here at Lincoln Hills Family Dental receiving orthodontic treatments such as braces, or getting a custom fitted retainer is simple. Our Lincoln Hills Dentist is more than glad to even assist you with understanding proper maintenance once your braces have been applied.
Traditional Braces
The traditional metal wire braces are composed of three different pieces. This includes the brackets that attach to the surface of each tooth. Next comes the bonding or band. Bonding acts as a dental grade glue to fasten each bracket to each tooth. The last component of traditional braces includes the arch wire. This is the thin metal wire you notice connecting one bracket to the next. These are routinely tightened in order to straighten teeth.

Due to modern advances in dental technology, we are able to now install braces discreetly behind teeth or utilize almost invisible alignment trays to bring you the straight smile you have always wanted. Here at Lincoln Hills Family Dental we proudly provide patients the option of receiving famously known clear braces – Invisalign! This is the perfect option for patients who wish to avoid any embarrassment from traditional wire braces.

Our Lincoln Hills Dentist is also happy to offer our patients tailor made removable retainers. Retainers are used to help keep aligned teeth in place after braces have been removed. For more information on retainers, please call our Lincoln Hills practice.

Orthodontic Care
It is important to properly care for your orthodontic dental appliances. Strong oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing each morning and night help maintain optimal oral health. Your morning hygiene routine may require some time to get used to. Flossing can be made easier with the use of interdental brushes. We encourage patients to ask our Lincoln Hills Dentist on tips to maintaining their oral hygiene with braces. We are always happy to educate our patients about their oral health.

Our Lincoln Hills Dentist may also recommend a few diet restrictions once braces are applied in order to allow for proper adjustments. These diet restrictions are recommended to avoid plaque accumulation in hard to reach spots and to minimize the treatment time needed for straightening teeth. For an appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for braces, simply call us at (916)626-4086.

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