5 Tips for a Brighter and Whiter Smile

Teeth Whitening Tips Lincoln CADo you dread taking pictures and tend to hide your teeth due to a lackluster smile? Don’t let a yellowing smile keep you from creating lasting memories with those you love. Practicing prevention is key to a healthy white smile along with a responsible and caring daily dental hygiene routine.


It is possible to create a brighter and whiter smile by practicing preventative dental care paired with a caring and consistent morning and night dental hygiene routine will greatly assist you in developing and maintaining a beautifully healthy and white smile. Continue reading below for a detailed list of helpful tips provided by our wonderful Lincoln Dentist Amandeep Behniwal, DDS to help you get the bright white smile you’ve always wanted.


Limit Stain Causing Foods & Drinks

Did you know that some of your favorite foods and drinks cause your teeth to yellow overtime. Strong pigments as well as higher acidity levels can lead to certain sauces such as curry and tomato based sauces such as spaghetti sauce can stain your teeth. Daily enjoying certain beverages such as soda, tea or coffee can also cause staining in teeth. To limit our exposure to these stain agents in your favorite beverages, utilize a straw. Using a straw will limit the exposure of tea, coffee or soda on teeth and make it easier to maintain a whiter smile.


Eat More Stain Protecting Foods

Crunchy fruits and vegetables are a great way to add a small, thin, and best of all natural protective layer to your teeth before you decide to indulge in a stain causing food or drink. For example, enjoying a nice salad filled with crunchy dark greens like broccoli, kale or spinach while you enjoy your tomato based pasta dish can act as a natural “teeth-exfoliant” as well. Just avoid too much balsamic vinegar dressing. This dark dressing can also stain teeth without enough crunchy dark vegetables to protect teeth from staining.


Actively Floss

Flossing is responsible for cleaning nearly 50%of your teeth’s surface area! With that much said, no flossing can be just as gross as taking a shower after a long day and only washing half your body. The truth is, brushing alone is just not enough to keep your smile sparkling clean. Food easily gets stuck between teeth and lead to yellowing as well as tooth decay. Food not removed will remain in your mouth to rot and fester until you take floss it out.


Take Advantage of Routine Whitening Products

Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste that is designed to also whiten your teeth as well as rinsing with non-alcoholic whitening rinse can help minimize the effects of yellowing over time from day to day stain causing meals. You can even D.I.Y your own whitening toothpaste by utilizing baking soda with just enough peroxide to turn the mix into a paste. Just add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide per one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix into desired texture. Let stand for one minute then brush as you would normally.


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you are looking to quickly brighten and whiten your smile, you can always opt for a professional teeth whitening session with our Lincoln Dentist Amandeep Behniwal, DDS. He is always happy to help you love your smile again. Best of all, when you get your teeth professionally whitened at Lincoln Hills Family Dental you can ensure your gums are protected. Chemical burn accidents are a common issue with at-home whitening kits. The problem is white common home kits, you never really know how strong each solution is. Some are often stronger than others. Don’t risk common mistakes such as leaving whitening solution on for too long and do your gums a favor, and have your teeth professionally whitened to achieve that pearly white smile.


Maintaining strong oral hygiene habits and practicing in daily preventative dental living will help you maintain a beautifully healthy white smile. Even keeping up with your routine professional dental cleanings will do wonders to your smile. To schedule an appointment with our Lincoln Dentist here at Lincoln Hills Family Dental simply call our practice at (916) 626-4086 or visit our website for more details about our services offered.

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